Yotts Orren was one of the infamous Bacon Brothers, though he was actually only a

Yotts Orren, not an actual Bacon Brother.

cousin to the others. A Klaatu from Klaatooine, Yotts and the brothers worked as smugglers to help take care of his his aunt, Mother Bacon. Unfortunately, while smuggling Spice, Yotts and his cousin Roy became addicted to the substance. For a while, they were able to hide it from gang leader Bill, but of course it became obvious before not too long.

When their mother passed away, Bill took the gang to Tatooine in search of work as thugs. Bill hoped the change of scenery would help Roy and Yotts overcome their addictions, and in Yotts' case it worked. He fought the urge to join Roy in his binges at night, and the fight got a lot easier when the gang made a new friend. One day, Yotts and his cousin Giran Bacon had an argument about sporting statistics in a bar in Mos Espa, when the human Jim Toback interupted them knowledgably. Yotts immediately liked Jim, not only for proving he was correct, but also because of his impression of Lando Calrissian. Jim also had no idea of Yott's former Spice issues, and Yotts felt no judgement from the human. The two quickly became hetero lifemates.

After working as a bodyguard for Landspeeder salesperson Wioslea, Yotts and the others went to work at Jabba The Hutt's Palace. Yotts and Jim were both placed on the deck of the Sail Barge. Yotts was trying to engage Luke Skywalker when the young Jedi boarded the Barge, and was powerless as he watched Jim Toback plummet off the side after getting pummelled by Leia Organa. After Luke destroyer Yotts' weapon, he had no choice but to retreat into the interior of the Barge. He was killed when it exploded.