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There's not enough alcohol in the galaxy.

Yarna d'al' Gargan was a big fat woman who danced for nickels in Jabba's Palace.  While she appeared to merely be a grotesquely obese human, she was, apparently, an Askajian from Askaj.

While most of the dancers that Jabba employed were of the half-naked Twi'lek variety- or at the very least considered attractive- Yarna was just gross.  Even Jabba who wasn't exactly a hit with the ladies, found her to be severely unattractive.  His motivations for keeping her there were unknown.

There were rumors around the palace that she was romantically involved with Doallyn, but these were most likely just started by Bane Malar, who was jealous of Doallyn's prominence in Jabba's court.

When Jabba took most of his buddies to go watch the execution of Luke Skywalker, Yarna was left behind due to her heart condition.

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