Wuher, whose full name was actually Winston Wooderkin Wuher IV, was born in Mos Eisley. In fact, he spent his entire life in that city, never leaving once. Wuher was able to get a job at the Cantina, but had to work the dayshift. He always wanted to work the nightshift, but Chalmun wouldn't allow it. Ackmena ran the nightshift, and so far he was pleased with her performance. But then fights started breaking out in the Cantina during Wuher's shifts. And then he heard about the singing at night. Oh, how he'd love to sing. Finally, Wuher heard about the group action shenanigans that were happening in the back room during the nightshift, and he'd had enough. He stormed into Chalmun's office and told the Wookie it was his last day as bartended.

Chalmun stood his full 2 meters and towered over Wuher. "Well," he said in his Wookie language, "You're right, it is your last day of bartending." Turns out, Chalmun had fired Ackmena and needed Wuher to work the nightshift. It was the greatest night of his life! And the last night, as he was accidentally stabbed in the chest by Ketwol.

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