Everyone knows Hoth has only two native animal species, the Wampa and the Tauntaun.  They have evolved together, forming a symbiotic relationship, in which they survive by eating each other.  Sounds ridiculous, but anyone who tells you otherwise in an idiot.  In order to promote their new secret base, the Rebel Alliance issued a spiffy calendar to new recruits in order to convince them that Hoth was a great place to hang out and hide from the Empire.

Wampa 03

January: Hey! Do you mind? I'm trying to take a dump here!

Tauntaun 05

February: Join the Alliance, see the Galaxy, dress warm!

Wampa 04

March: Wampa! Wampa! Wampa! Ah, good times

Tauntaun 02

April: Kids love tauntauns!

Wampa 02

May: Look away! I'm hideous!

Tauntaun 03

June: Visit the lovely beaches of Hoth!

Wampa 05

July: Wampa boardgame piece. Not so scary now, eh?

Tauntaun 01

August: I got nuthin'

Wampa 06

September: Video Game wampas: they're boxy, but good!(Paul Reiser)

Tauntaun 04

October: Mmmmm. Yummy!

Wampa 01

November: Even Wampas need some lovin'

Tauntaun 06

December: Tauntaun artwork by Ziro the Hutt

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