Wicket had a mom, and Wicket had a dad. Wicket had some siblings, but you don't come here to read about them do you? No, you want to hear the dirt. Here it is:

Wicket spent much of his youth chasing the daughter of the Chief of his Ewok tribe on Endor. So much so that Chirpa had to get some of the larger hunters to take Wicket along with them on a "hunting trip", and try to put an arrow or two in him. It was on this trip that he got seperated from them before they'd gotten far enough from the village for no one to find the body, and Wicket happened upon Princess Leia. They played with her hat a bit, but then he took her back with him to the hunting party. Everyone really dug this new chick, and they agreed she should come party with them at the village.

Later on, another hunting party came back with yet more tall people and a golden god! The god made it clear by floating around that these people weren't for eating, but rather for helping. He told them some cool bedtime stories, and it was decided to make these guys a part of their tribe.

But what Wicket was really focused on was Han Solo. Man that guy could wear a vest. I mean, isn't he dreamy? I'll say. Wicket couldn't help himself, he had to get up on that. It was then that Logray took him aside and asked WTF?

After discussing his actions some, it became apparent that Wicket had always been closeted. It just took a rugged scoundrel like Solo to awaken the urges inside him that were his true self. Logray pointed out that it wasn't too late for Wicket, he just had to give in to the gay that was within.

When the Battle was over, and Wicket had made a total fool of himself trying to impress Han, he realized that Han and Leia actually had feelings for each other. His first impulse was the break them up. He was more woman than Leia could be and more man than she'd get...or something. But no, he truly cared for Han. If Leia is what made him happy, then Wicket was all for it.

Unfortunately, the same day Wicket started wearing his rainbow t-shirt, he was killed by debris falling from the sky.

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