A Weequay.

Weequay were a race that came from the planet Weequay, worshipped the god Weequay, lived in houses called Weequay, and ate Weequay picked from Weequay cooked at Weequay and seasoned with Weequay. Some Weequay would douse it in Weequay. When Weequay wanted to make little Weequay, they would Weequay, sometimes up to three times a Weequay. Many Weequay chose Weequay as their profession, though one or two became Jedi. Otherwise Weequay were content to Weequay deep into the Weequay, unless Weequay happened. In the event of Weequay, the Weequay could take Weequay, and notify their Weequay, but only if a Weequay had Weequay that morning. Otherwise they would have to Weequay for no less than a Weequay, and eat Weequay once they had Weequay.

Planet Weequay.

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