A Wampa makes stool and becomes grouchy anticipating the itching sensation that is soon to follow

Wampas are ill tempered predators on the ice planet Hoth.  Their main means of sustenance is the planet's only other indigenous species, Tauntauns who in turn eat Wampas forming the galaxy's only known perfectly self contained ecosystem.  Since Wampas eat nothing but Tauntaun meat, the occasional Jedi is a rare treat and usually saved for desert.  Wampas are partially sentient and this is probably what lead to their grouchy demeanor.  They are self aware and know they need toilet paper to clean their fur after making stool, but they are too simple to invent it.  It is very frustrating for them.  Wampas are genealogical cousins of The Bumble.

Some Wampas were taken off world and domesticated, but they were often uneasy in warmer climates.


A Wampa shows how clever they are at adapting as it disguises itself to blend in with a new food source.

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