In an attempt to increae local revenue, Vegas passed a law making Vegas experiences the property of the planet. This resulted in people refusing to tell stories about what happened on Vegas in order to avoid having to pay for the rights.

Vegas was a planet in the Expansion Region, and incredibly popular with tourists.


Everybody loves gambling, but, for some reason, it is illegal. Vegas was able to cash in on this absurdity by caliming that gambling had been legal there since before the Republic was formed. While nobody could prove this, the Senators wanted somewhere to gamble, so they went along with it. Along with the gambling establishments, nice hotels with cheap buffets and tacky entertainment sprang up. Also hookers. Sith Lords Darth Siegfried and his master Darth Roy had a well-known secret fortress where they occasionally performed Sith animal tricks with their trained Nexu to large crowds. The shows ended when the Nexu attacked Darth Roy. (Darth Siegfried, it turned out, had trained the animal to attack Roy; it was his sissy way of killing his master and becoming the new master.)

Notable ResidentsEdit

Stamper McCaarithenns and King Ralph of Alderaan were both born on Vegas.

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