464px-Vanden Willard2

Willard is very excited to see Princess Leia.

Vanden Willard was an Alliance officer who had a thing for rats.

Rats! Edit

Willard lived in a large house on Alderaan with his mother.  Cut off from the rest of the world, he developed a fondness for the rats living in his basement and eventually trained them to kill.  In a poorly-planned attempt to gain sympathy, Alderaan completely disarmed.  When a lowlife from Tatooine showed up carrying a board with a nail in it, he was able to take control of most of the planet.  Fortuntely, his weapon technology was no match for Willard's rats who ate his face.  Bail Organa was impressed with Wilalrds ability to direct his rats, and made him an officer in the Rebel Alliance.

Rebel Alliance Edit

Willard's first position in the alliance was to provide security for Bail and his family.  Despite the fact that she was much younger than him, Willard became enamored with Bail's daughter, Princess Leia.  Since Willard had had very little contact with humans for most of his life, he was socially inept, and kept his feelings to himself.

Eventually, Willard was transferred to serve as Jan Dodonna's tactician.  While he was sad to be separated from Leia, who was now a senator, he knew that he'd see her again.  Serving on Dodonna's Dantooine base, Willard's primary duties were to organize hit and run attacks on the Empire's supply lines using small fighters.  Willard used strategies based on his rat-herding days of swarming opponents while making precise shots to the vital areas of the target ships.  This approach was effective, but costly.  Many pilots lost their lives during these attacks.

Battle of Yavin Edit

After the closure of the Dantooine facility, Willard accompanies Dodonna to the new Rebel base on Yavin IV.  When news broke of the destruction of Alderaan, Willard became very depressed and enraged.  He wanted to immediately deploy the entire fleet to attack the Death Star, but Dodonna talked him out of it.  Dodonna revealed that Princess Leia was not on Alderaan, and had been in the possession of information that could be used to destroy the battle station.  Relieved that the object of his desire had been spared, Willard recommitted himself to the Rebel cause and began organizing his pilots into attack groups.  When Leia arrived at the base, Willard was overcome with emotion, but realized that she would never return his feelings.  Using the data stored in R2-D2, Willard planned the attack on the Death Star

Retirement Edit

After the victory at Yavin, Leia and Dodonna urged Willard to keep an active role in Alliance strategy, but, unable to bear working with Leia, he chose to take a lesser commission, and eventually retire.  He finished his days alone on a deserted planet with no possessions except for a few rats.

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