Chancellor Valorum will chancell you all night long.

Chancellor Valorum was born on the planet Krypton. He joined the military under his Kryptonian name, Zod, and served many years rising to the rank of General. Eventually he was imprisoned in a two-dimensional square and exiled from Krypton shortly before that planet blew up.

Free to start a new life, Zod changed his name to Valorum and ran for Supreme Chancellor. Running on a promise to restore dignity to the senate- after the scandal-plagued chancellorship of Mailbox Face- Valorum won a narrow victory.

As chancellor, Valorum maintined the status quo, and was considered entirely adequate until his removal for apathy. In an attempt to find new meaning for his life, he traveled across Australia in a large repainted bus conveniently named Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with a troupe of drag queens, one of whom once tried to prosecute Mace Windu for war crimes.