Tusken Raider2
Nomadic dicks who terrorized the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine, the Tusken Raiders were feared and hated. Moisture Farmers who insisted beyond all reason on living in the middle of nowhere and farming moisture on a desert planet turned a blind eye to an even more extreme reason why they should split when the crazed barking natives started swiping their wives and legs in the middle of the night. The barking was not intentional.  It was the byproduct of an intolerably arid environment and a centuries long boycott of Tatooine by the lozenge guild.  Tuskens had wives and children, and enjoyed your basic family structure. For entertainment they had Massiff fights, which was fun to place wagers on as well. For currency, Tuskens traded captured human women. Tuskens loved riding on Banthas and also carried big sticks with pointed stuff all over them. Sometimes they had rifles. The use of breach-loading bullet firing rifles was odd for two reason.  One, the Tusken Raiders lived in a galaxy dominated by far superior laser based weapons for millennia.  Two, the antique weapons were collectors items and they should have been protecting them better.  The Tusken Raiders loved terrorizing anyone they met, but had an intense fear of the elderly who would often refer to them as "sand people". The borderline derogatory term was puzzling as the entire planet was covered by sand thus making all inhabitants "sand people".  It's about as descriptive as saying "the humanoid people with arms and legs".
Tusken family FF42

A Tusken family. Awwww.

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