Trinto was a Stennes Shifter who frequented the Cantina in Mos Eisley. He also worked as a reported for the Mos Eisley Journal, but was fired after two years when it was learned he cooked several articles.

Duaba was one of those guys that would dress up as a chick to get guys to come back to his home. Sometimes he would fool them all the way to their departure, and sometimes he wouldn't. One time was when Trinto took Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba back to his place and they filled him out like an application. Neither seemed to mind when they saw Trinto naked, and neither actually seemed too surprised either.  Duaba was banned from the Cantina though after taking the owner, Chalmun, home with him. Chalmun was shocked when he found out, and stormed out of the house. He admitted he wanted to rip some arms from sockets, but maintained control over his anger.

Trinto then started visiting Richard Pryor's Star Wars Bar, but Richard made it clear that none of his usual shenanigans would be tolerated.

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