Toydaria Tremendous Beings

The Tremendous Beings' logo was sometimes referred to as a flaming anchor by pretentous sports writers.

The Toydaria Tremendous Beings were a JFL team that played on Toydaria.


The Toydarians had tried for several years to get a JFL team, but the Jawas in charge kept telling them that Toydaria was not a large enough market to support a team. After a few hundred years of trying, the Toydarians decided to start their own football leage. While the JFL initially did not see this as a threat, they changed their tune when the Toydarians secured their own Holonet contract, and started offering big contracts to young players. They decided to merge with the Toydarian league, which only had one team anyway.


Toydaria is very very muddy. Visiting teams frequently complained that the field conditions were terrible and resulted in too many injuries. The Toydarians agreed to build a giant domed stadium to play the games, and the muddy field was replaced by the hardest concrete they could find. Over the years, the dome deteriorated badly, and the team threatened to move to Tennessee, but they never had the balls to do it.

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