Tosche Converters

Merl Tosche just used the team's helmets to sell ad space. The JFL didn;t really approve, but they still bought some, because it was cheap.

Despite the fact that Tosche Station was just a building in the middle of the Tatooine desert, it had it's own JFL team.


The franchise dated back to the beginnings of the JFL, but at that time the team was located in Mos Espa and called the Jawas. They had to change their name because all 7 other franchises were also called the Jawas, and it was very confusing. They briefly went by the Tatooines, but that was deemed gay, so they changed it to the Knickerbockers, which was then shortened to Nickerbocks, then Bocks, then lengthened to Hyperbocks and later the Super Hyperbocks of Tatooine and Surrounding Systems. This nonsense finally came to an end when Merl Tosche purchased the team and changed their name to the Power Converters, as a marketing gimmick. The team didn't have a stadium, they just played their home games in the back yard of Tosche Station.

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