Toola frequently tried to improve its climate through global warming, but apparently that really is a myth.

Toola was a cold-azz planet in the Outer Rim, and home to the Whiphid species.


Despite Toola's cold weather, it was pretty heavily populated. Besides the native Whipids, lots of other speicies hung out there, and it was a major point of commerce in the Outer Rim. During the Clone Wars, Toola was invaded by the CIS and the Battle of Toola was fought there as part of the Outer Rim Sieges. Technically, Toola became part of the Empire, but it had a reputation for harboring traitors, and was too cold for te Empire to bother with most of the time.

Notable Residents

J'Quille was from Toola. K'Kruhk was from there, and hid there a few times when Jedi were being wiped out.

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