Tom is the most famous of the Greedo brothers, and the one with the most screentime.

Early Life

Thomas Greedo was the 45th son of Sir James Greedo. James always referred to Tommy as his lucky 45. Thomas was raised by his father to believe firmly in justice, and it was no surprise when he left home for Coruscant to apply to the law enforcement corps. Unfortunately, there was a strict no non-humans allowed policy, and Tom was kicked in his genitals before being tossed onto the ground outside. If he couldn't serve the law in that manner, he realized the next best way was as a bounty hunter.

Middle Life

Tom came back to Tatooine, and took off with several of his brothers to Mos Eisley. There they found employ with Jabba The Hutt. Jabba was surprising as his reputation made him seem like a complete douche, but he was actually incredibly nice. So nice that he never gave Tom any work as a Bounty Hunter. Instead, Tom had to look to Bib Fortuna for assignments. He got a big fat one when he was told to bring in Han Solo.

End of Life

Tom spotted Han Solo at the Cantina in Mos Eisley and was really excited since he realized during their conversation that he might be able to make more money off Solo by extorting him. Unfortunately, Han did the old "drawing your gun under the table while pointing at the ceiling with the other hand" trick, and Tom fell for it!