Tiree making the fatal mistake of daydreaming about painting the football on his helmet his own damn self.

"Wait, can I get a football painted on my helmet instead of this existing insignia?  Just for old times sake. No?  Don't you know who I am?  Well, screw you too!"
-Clinton Tiree to the Yavin Base equipment manager.

Clinton Tiree flew as Gold Two for the Rebel Alliance, and fought in the Battle Of Yavin. Darth Vader shot his Y-Wing during the battle, and Tiree was actually electrocuted before his fighter exploded.


Prior to joining the Alliance, Tiree had a brief career in the JFL, playing for the New York Goliaths.  He made a memorable catch in a championship game, but was released soon after. He later discovered that Emperor Palpatine's comment to Sim Aloo amounting to, "You know...I don't like that guy..." is what led to his dismissal from the League. His grudge against Palpatine may have been his motivation for joining the Rebellion.

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