Tionne Solusar

When can we finally overcome this stereotype of the busty librarian?

Tionne Solusar was the Jedi Archivist for Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order.


Tionne always had a fascination with Jedi history.  So it was a lucky coincidence that she turned out to be one of the many Force-sensitive individuals hanging out in the Galaxy many years after the Great Jedi Purge had supposedly wiped them out.  Luke Skywalker trained her at his Praxeum, but she also served as the resident historian.  She taught the other trainees (and Luke) about Jedi history thorugh song.  A technique that she had picked up on the planet Sesame to get through to people with very short attention spans.


After moving up in rank, Tionne began roaming the Galaxy picking up Jedi-related artifacts.  This led to several Indiana Jones-style adventures, fighting against other folks (including previously unheard of Dark Jedi and such) who were interested in the same junk.  For some reason she took Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila with her.  It probably wasn't anything improper.  Just a little odd and predictably dangerous.  Around this time Tionne married Kam Solusar so that she wouldn't have to change her name.

Later WarsEdit

8.Aug Jocasta

Tionne based her librarian outfit on the only surviving image of Jocasta Nu from the Miss Jedi Temple calendar.

When Luke grew bored with training people and went back to killing, he left Tionne and Kam in charge of the Praxeum.  They moved it from Yavin IV to Ossus, but were forced to defend it during the Second Galactic Civil War.  Around this time, Tionne published a major work on the history of the Jedi- showing many factors that repeatedly resulted in Sith Lords.  This information would have been more useful before Jacen Solo became a Sith Lord.  Anyway, while defending the Ossus students, Tionne had one of her arms and legs blown off.  She survived, but her marriage suffered, as Kam was no longer physically attracted to her.

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