Tikkes and Tessek were two different Quarren, you racist.

Originally the Quarren Senator from Dak, Tikkes created the Quarren Isolation League and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems just prior to the Clone Wars.


Tikkes was born into the Quarren elite. Though the Quarren and Mon Calamari had long-standing animosity toward each other, Tikkes was born during a time of truce. Tikkes loved his home world, but also wanted to see the Galaxy. He convinced his wealthy parents to hire a tutor and allow him to travel. This proved to be a great advantage, and Tikkes received a far better and more diverse education than most Quarren. In his tour of the Galaxy he was dismayed at how human-centric most planets were. He was even briefly jailed on Chandrila after being accused of stealing his own pants. When he returned to Dak, he vowed to work toward improving things for non-humans by entering politics.


Tikkes went to the senate with big ideas, but was soon frustrated by the Three Eights Compromise. He began to realize that the Republic was not serving the best interests of his people. He began meeting regularly with other senators, such as Po Nudo to discuss some ways of addressing these issues. Tikkes became a voice of discontent in the Senate frequently challenging provisions, and questioning the leadership. He hoped to create enough divisions among the Human members to get a non-human elected as Supreme Chancellor, but really just made a lot of enemies, and got some bounties put on his head. When Valorum was given a vote of no confidence, he saw his chance, but no single non-human could get enough support together, and Palpatine ended up winning.


Owen Luke-reverse

Uncle Owen shows Luke his favorite seafood restaurant: Red Lobster. Luke just feel sorry for him.

As the Republic began moving in scary directions, Tikkes returned to Dak and tried to get support from the planet to secede from the Republic. The Quarren were all about it, but the Mon Calamari got all pissy and refused. Instead Tikkes formed the Quarren Isolation League, which effectively removed the Quarren from Republic jurisdiction, and started a civil war on the planet. Tikkes pledged the support of the league to the CIS. During the Clone Wars, multiple battles were fought on the planet between the Republic-supported Mon Calamari, and the Quarren. Tikeks was presumed killed on Mustafar with most of the Separatist Council by Darth Vader, but some Imperial records suggest that he may not have been there. He may have been killed somewhere else before or after the slaughter on Mustafar.

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