Tibrin NEGAS

Tibrin had lots of Ishi Tib. Not like Ish.

This Mid Rim water planet was home to the Ishi Tib species. During the Clone Wars, it was conquered by Count Dooku, with Sora Bulq ruling as governor. It was the site of the Battle Of Tibrin. Duh.


Tibrin had lots of oceans, and a very fragile ecosystem. The Ishi Tib residents were very careful to prtect their environment and avoided using machines as much as possible. This made the the object of ridicule among some outsiders. Tibrin had a long-standing feud with the planet Ish. At one point Tibrin put together a fleet of battleships and attacked Ish, just to try and prove a point that the two were not the same planet. Tibrin had a series of unpopular dictators that received support from the Republic. Eventaully, Count Dooku and the CIS liberated the Ishi Tib people, and allow them to set up a democracy. The Republic was not happy about this, and sent a few legions of Clonetroopers in to get everyone back in line. The long and bloody battle ended in a stalemate. When the Empire popped up from the ashes of the Republic, Tibrin retained their hard-fought independence,a nd, to some degree, supported the Rebel Alliance.

Notable Residents

Harc Seff and Shasa Tiel were from Tibrin.

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