An offical Alliance photo of Thurlow Harris.

Thurlow was a pilot in the Rebel Alliance. He fought in the Battle Of Yavin as Blue Four. He was killed in the Trench Run of the Death Star.

Thurlow was extremely short, although not technically an actual midget.  Nevertheless, he insisted that his contract with the Alliance include a provision that all official photographs would be taken from low angles to hide his short stature.

Thurlow was a capable pilot.  However, in the mad scramble at the Yavin Base hangar, he couldn't find his X-Wing with his specially modified cockpit booster seat.   He managed to take off, and propped himself up by taking his helmet off and sitting on it.  During the Battle, he was doing well, but had a hard time reaching the pedals with his stubby little legs.  He approached the trench for his bombing run, but then chose that unfortunate moment to finally lose control of his starfighter.  His X-Wing smashed right into the Arby's, killing all the patrons instantly. .

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