"I regret nothing!!!"

Thul was an Imperial pilot who was kicked out of the Navy because he just could NOT put down the damned donuts. Not only discharged, Thul was pushed out of the Imperial Landing Craft on Tatooine, and then kicked in his genitals. He then vomited, and didn't have the will to rise up from the ground. Instead, he lied there in his own puke.

Eventually, when Thul did get up, he decided to go back to school. Working his way through the Mos Espa Trade College, Thul got his degree in Psychology, specializing in Gambling Addictions as it was the quickest course. This led to him applying for a job at Jabba's Palace and Rehab Center, but he was turned down despite what he felt was an incredibly great interview. Thul once again turned to donuts.

While his psychology career was on hold, he took a job as a color commentator for Jawa Football League games.  His flamboyant style was popular, but his unwillingness to travel forced him to leave that job as well.

Then one day he received a call from Jabba The Hutt himself. Apparently the guy they'd hired, Bludd E. Stoolz, didn't work out too well. He wanted to know if Fain was still interested.

On Thul's first full day, Luke Skywalker came to Jabba's Palace and murdered everyone.

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