Theta Squad was an ARC trooper squad that was activated near the end of the Clone Wars.  The squad was a three man team, which was unusual for ARC troopers, as they would either work alone, or in groups of up to 10.  Enza was the Captain of the squad, and, much like every other clone trooper out there, had complete disregard for the color ranking system put in place by the maker.  Lieutenant Jae was the demolitions expert, and Corporal Kenzi was the heavy weapons officer.  Together they took down Seperatist safe houses on the Outer Rim and stockpiled the rich stuff they found.  After a sucsessful mission on Malastare, they squad's LAAT/i was under fire during the teams extraction.  The squads pilot, Dead Eye, made his way throught the incoming fire, but the gunship took a direct hit on the right bay door, ripping a hole in it and also ejecting Captain Enza from the gunship.  The team mourned their loss until they docked with the Republic ship, Resolute, where they were to be put back in to stasis until needed again.  This would last a month.  The squad was awakened to find that they had a new squad leader, Colm, and a new mission, hunt down the renegade Jedi that were running from the now Galactic Empire.

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