Death Star Beams

Most people thought the Tractor Beams' logo was some kind of one-eyed smiling frog. This annoyed Motti to no end.

The Tractor Beams were a short lived franchise in the Jawa Football League who called the Death Star their home. 


Though Admiral Motti was rich and powerful, he always dreamed of owning a JFL Franchise. Unfortunately, his personal assets fell somewhat short. Undaunted, Motti somehow managed to con the Empire into purchasing a team and signing over a 51% interest to Motti himself. He also snuck a 1.3 billion credit charge into the Death Star's construction budget to build an opulent new stadium. They began playing before the battle station was completed, and Grand Moff Tarkin refused to allow them to play home games, since the Death Star was still a big secret. In the first eight seasons, the team suffered in the standings because all of their games were road games. 

Final Season

Tractor beams stadium

Tractor Beam Stadium publicity shot. Notice the "Cowboys" name, used as a decoy when this photo was circulated.

However, after the Death Star went public by destroying Alderaan, Owner Admiral Motti petitioned the JFL to immediately begin scheduling home games for the Beams.  Unfortunately, the stadium with its controversial video monitor was destroyed by Luke Skywalker, along with the rest of the Death Star, just before the inaugural game.   The stadium itself was later credited with an assist in "The Shot Heard 'Round the Galaxy."

Notable Members of the Organization

With an eye to increasing the team's profile, Motti went crazy in free agency and brought in several high-priced veterans who had off-field baggage. He signed a deal to produce a Holonet program documenting the team's practices, and brought in some players less for their football skills, and more for their potential to draw viewers.

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