The Jawa Football League was a major galactic catastrophe that took place around the year 11568, ORC.

All the ballboys in the JFL participated in a work-stoppage because they wanted more pay and better benefits.  With nobody to hold and care for their balls, the JFL was forced to cancel several games in the 11568-11569 season.  The Galaxy was in an uproar.  Riots broke out instantly on most planets in the Old Republic.  The Senate dispatched the Jedi to bring peace, but the Jedi were actually just as disillusioned with the lack of JFL games, and were ineffective.

Some planets caught fire, countless nerfs were raped, and the Supreme Chancellor nearly put his head through his brand new HDTV. 

Finally, the JFL players admitted that they really needed people to ensure that their balls were dry and clean, and decided to donate 10% of their salaries to the JFL ballboys.  This prompted a reconciliation.  The League and the ballboys reached an agreement, and the the season was set to resume.  The balls were hard from lack of use, and the ballboys got right down to massaging them into game shape.  In the end, 4 games were cancelled, so a strike-shortened season was resumed.  The Ryloth Sexpots were the champions that year, although most historians prefer to put an asterisk next to that accomplishment in the record books.

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