In the Old Republic year of 1816, a major incident occured which rocked the galaxy to its foundations.

At the newly established Zaloriis Imperial Military Academy (ZIMA), embroidery was the top field of study. ZIMA was known as the Embroidery Capital of the Galaxy. Among many reforms to the academy, Superintendent Tim Flippance decided to make the cadets wear standardized uniforms. At the urging of some government officials, he approved a design by the Academy's first graduate and expert embroidery fashion designer, Blimp Zeppelin. Flippance signed the contract and immediately regretted it. Investigations revealed that Zeppelin's contract was awarded improperly, because some governement officials were getting kickbacks from the contract. Supreme Chancellor Flick was unable to control the situation, and public opinion turned on him. He was given a vote of no confidence. The Republic was in danger of crumbling.

Knitted gasmask

More cozy military equipment.

Knitted military

Blimp Zeppelin's knitted troop transport, which he planned on introducing into the Big-Ass Army of the Republic fleet.

The resulting turmoil led to The Emroidery Rebellion, in which Zeppelin and his fashionista followers attempted to take over the government. At one point, Zeppelin managed to break into the Senate building, and he seized control of the Chancellor's pod. He demanded that he be awarded contracts not only for uniforms, but for military equipment. The Senate was going to go with this, but then Zeppelin went all crazy. He demanded that the calendar be reset to the year 0 in honor of his coup. The Senate turned on him, and he was killed in the resulting riots. Flick was given back his position, and was awarded the nice warm sweater that was removed from Zeppellin's dead body.



After 1816, ZIMA lost its coveted title to other places that took the lead in cutting edge embroidery.

Anyway, while the original Academy uniform contract was voided, the cadets kept the style, and other vendors were instructed to copy it. The ZIMA uniforms have remained unchanged for over 23,000 years.

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