The Banthaskull founders proudly plant their flag on top of the Galactic Senate Building on 08/08/08.

The Banthaskull Purge of Idiocy was a huge debacle that rocked the holonet, and nearly brought down the First Galactic Empire


Red Bell Slum was a major holonet program devoted to the celebration of small plastic men, and the movies that inspired them.  Everything was fine, but then some of the members of The 'Slum, as it was called, decided they didn't like the oppressiveness of the community.  They set off on their own and established Banthaskull, which was a smaller version of Red Bell Slum, but you could say "shit" and call people "douchebag" if you wanted.  Red Bell Slum management wasn't too happy about this, so they immediately banned these from their program.  This happened on the 8th day of the 8th month in the year 8, or 08/08/08 according to the Imperial Calendar (25,061 ORC, or 11 BBY).  This was stupid.  (The banning, not the date thing - although the date thing is pretty stupid), and everyone knew it.  Due to this ridiculous "Purge", there was a major backlash against The 'Slum.


800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars points and laughs at Red Bell Slum. Luke doesn't really give a crap. Nor does anyone else, actually.

In the end, the whole thing amounted to nothing because the Slum was so large, it barely noticed the backlash.  Also, the backlash wasn't that forceful, as it consisted of a lot of pointing and giggling.  However the founders of Banthaskull fought a short battle in the Senate building parking lot on Coruscant and raised their banner proudly on top of the Senate dome.  The Banthaskull founders demanded that the official Imperial Calendar be rebooted to the year 0 to commemorate the event, but the Senate said there was no way. As a measure of goodwill, they allowed the flag to stay for a week.

The flag is still there to this day, because budget restrictions prevented the Empire from having it removed.  But others noticed.  Oh yes, they noticed.  And there was rejoicing on Banthaskull. 


The members of Banthaskull created a great store of knowledge, called the Banthapedia, in which they were able to establish the truth about the history of the galaxy.  Everything else you might read is just stupid.

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