Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw poses for this ultra rare example of a hoodless Jawa. People were horrified.

Terry Bradshaw was a jawa from Tatooine and an excellent quarterback in the Jawa Football League from 1821-1833 using the Old Republic Calendar.  (That's a long time ago.)   He played for the Dune Sea Blacksmiths.

He was famous for allowing himself to be photographed with his hood pulled back.  This represents the only existing public evidence of the actual physical appearance of a jawa sans robe/hood. 


He initially had a desire to be a Republic Army Officer, and applied for the Zaloriis Imperial Military Academy (ZIMA) in 1817.  He failed the rigorous admissions test, which required him to spell "cat".  He could not do this, despite the fact that a lenient admissions officer spotted him the C and the T.  He was the only person to fail this admissions test, which was in place prior to a Senate intervention which raised the test standards.

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