Foreman Wat Tambor.

The Techno Union was a commerce guild in the Republic. They were responsible for the Battle Droids in the blockade of Naboo, as well as the Super Battle Droids that supplemented them in the Clone Wars. The Techno Union was an important member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Wat Tambor was their foreman.


For thousands of years, technology producers were in constant competition to secure the rich contracts offered by the Republic.  When many other sectors of the economy began organizing into guilds, such as the Trade Federation, the technology companies formed a union that they could use to apply political pressure to the senate and negotiate prices collectively.  This arrangement effectively monopolized the industry and forced smaller producers out of business.


800px-Full 236310

A Typical Techno Union party.

Along with legislative work, the Techno Union also held kick-ass rave parties.  Members of the Techno Union would frequently meet in secret locations in places such as Coruscant or Tatooine to participate in huge parties with loud synthasized music, mind-altering drugs, pacifiers, and a lots of glowsticks.

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