Traym takes a moment to reflect on his action-packed life

Taym Dren-Garen was a guard on Jabba's Sail Barge who had a checkered and intriguing past.


Taym's first job was as an unsuccessful private detective on Coruscant. Needing a boost, he left Coruscant and teamed with a former model to open a new detective agency on the Blue Moon. The agency had some success, but the cases were mostly quirky and frivolous, and the agency fell apart after Taym slept with the model, and everyone lost interest.


Despite the agency's failure, Taym had made enough of a name for himself that he was able to join the Coruscant security force as an officer. His ability to take a beating and overcome ridiculous odds got him placed on Coruscant's anit-terrorism squad. It was in this role that he began his adventurous and bizarre partnership with Mace Windu.

His career as an officer included some low points, but many recognized the value of his work even if the results were not well-received. His roles seemed to blurr the line between police and military. He was known for breaking protocol to get the results he wanted.

Eventually The Emperor grew sick of his renegade ways and devised a plan to get rid of Taym, and sent him to land on an asteroid that was heading toward a populated planet and use his drilling experience to destroy it. While the asteroid was destroyed, Taym did not get off the asteroid, and was thought to have died.


Despite his years of service and willingness to sacrifice himself for others, when Taym emerged a few years later, he was promptly declared an outlaw and was forced to flee to the outer rim.

Like most inhabitants of the galaxy, he settled on Tatooine and got a job working for Jabba the Hutt.

When Luke Skywalker showed up, Taym was intrigued and decided not to kill him. Instead, he aimed for his obviously mechanical hand in order to disarm him. Luke misinterpreted this gesture, and quickly cut him down with his lightsaber.