Taint was a Jedi Master who accompanied Yoda to Kamino in order to get the Clonetroopers ready for the Battle Of Geonosis. When they arrived, Yoda led a small group of Gunships to the arena to rescue what was left of Mace Windu's task force, while Taint took several others to directly attack the Seperatist forces a few kilometers away. He was successful in destroying a couple of Techno Union ships before the Seperatists retreated offworld.

Taint fought in several battles during the Clone Wars, but was present in the Jedi Temple when Darth Vader invaded with the 501st Legion. He dueled with Darth Vader briefly before being killed.


Before Anakin Skywalker gained so much noteriety in the Clone Wars, Taint Casbah was probably the most famous Jedi in the Galaxy. His skill with the lightsaber was above average, but he also really knew how to make a show of it. In fact, Taint Magazine was dedicated to his flourishes. In effect, Anakin killed Taint internally by overshadowing his popularity, and then killed Taint externally with his lightsaber.

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