Sweetums! Promotional Image

Sweetums! was a successful afternoon talkshow hosted by Sith Lord, Darth Sweetums.


Darth Sweetums, a sucessful news anchor based on Santa Monica, used the show to cover a wide variety of topics from fashion to Hepatic peribiliary cysts.  She hosted many guests on her show.  Some shows would feature celebrities, or experts, while others would feature ordinary people with compelling stories.  Each show ended with Darth Sweetum directly addressing her audience with a lesson or insight about the day's topic.

After a few seasons, with ratings beginning to lag, the show introduced new formats that included surprising guests, encouraging fights, and lots of skin.  This formula made the show the most popular daytime show in the Galaxy for over a decade.

Eventually the show's ratings began to drop off when Darth Sweetums became focused on finding a new apprentice, rather than entertainment.

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