Just one of the Spratch labels, featuring two Grimshaws going at it.

Spratch was a beer created by Sith Lords almost 900 years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. It was started by Darth Fascist and Darth Mang, with the rest of the Sith Gang contributing money to buy the equipment. Darth Croatia was in charge of quality control, Darth Kraft and Darth Cha were tasters, with Darth Goody assisting on all levels. For almost a millenium, Spratch was Darth Fascist's legacy.

By the time of the Battle Of Geonosis, famed Jedi Ses Berghammer had deduced that Spratch was created with Sith magic, and raided the brewery. He replaced the entire staff with non-Dark Side people, and changed the name to Ses Berghammer's Brew. The company continued on well into Imperial rule, but had faded away by the time of the New Republic.

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