Soth was a Tefauan who graduated from the Tefau First School of Sex Therapy with honors. He'd come from an overprivileged background, wanting for very little except to be the best in his field. He struggled to be first in his class, and with some extra effort he succeeded.

Soth decided he wanted to go to the fringe, the frontier as it were, to practice his profession. After wandering a few years, he landed a gig at Jabba's Palace. Jabba was very open, as he actually had no sex therapist. It took little convincing from Petitkin for Jabba to realize that sex addictions and disorders would be just as harmful as narcotics or gambling, and Soth would be an essential part of his therpist team.

Soth was proud to work with people like Palejo Reshad, and was making real steps in helping Ree-Yees overcome his fear of bra straps. This of course all changed the day Luke Skywalker showed up. Jabba had determined Luke was hopeless as far as rehabilitating, and took it upon himself to dump the Jedi in a Sarlacc pit. This meant cramming everyone into the Sail Barge along the way, and Soth knew that Palejo's recent leaps in overcoming his frotteurism could be proven by jamming him in the Barge as well. Petitkin was proud to watch Reshad riding to the pit stuck between all these people and seemingly easily resisting the urge to rub against them.

Petitkin was beaming until Skywalker escaped and began killing all of Jabba's guards and guests one by one before blowing up the Barge and all its passengers.

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