Solomahal reflects on his deep hatred of droids.

Solomahal was a Lutrillian with PTSD.

Clone Wars

Solomahal fought in the Clone Wars alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, being awarded many medals and even being among the few non-Jedi to reach the rank of General. By the time of the Empire though, all non-humans were forced into retirement from the military.  Unfortunately Solomahal suffered from severe shell shock due to his combat experience- freaking out every time he saw a droid of any kind.  When the Empire moved to eliminate mental health services for veterans, Solomahal testified before the Senate about the need to continue supporting veterans.  Sadly, proponents of the measure went on the offensive thoroughly discrediting Solomahal, and leaving his life in ruins.



Solomahal was one of the extremely few patrons who genuinely enjoyed Ackmena's singing, even when sober.

Years later, he'd found his way to Tatooine, where his favorite place to spend his time was the Cantina in Mos Eisley, where he tried to drink away his problems in a droid-free environment. Friends often suggested that he go ask Jabba the Hutt for assistance, since Jabba had several mental health professionals on staff, but he was too embarrassed to seek help at that point in his life.

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