Socal Tram S'st'm

Socal early on the day of his death.

Socal was an underachieving Bith Jedi Knight. He reached the level of knighthood, and felt there was no real need to go any further. Being a Jedi Knight was just enough to get him laid.

That attitude changed when he met Aayla Secura. She was dumb, and extremely boring, but she was super hot and extremely stuck up. He had to have her, and found out there's no way she'd do him unless he was a Master. Socal studied all night to get his Master degree, and was poised to take the exam when he saw her in the halls. Maybe being on his way to being a Master was enough?

First he impressed her with some multi-syllabic words, and then hummed a song he wrote for her. When she started glancing at her watch, Socal mentioned he had to go too as he was on his way for his Master exam. Aayla's eyes immediately lit up. She had yet to take the exam herself, and couldn't believe he was finally going for it. She then asked if maybe later that night he could stop by her room and "fill her in" on some of the questions the exam has.

It took everything he had to maintain his composure, but inside Socal was moving giant rocks with his mind. This was the greatest day of his life.

Later on, Socal was only halfway through the exam when Agen Kolar burst in. Obi-Wan Kenobi had been taken prisoner on Geonosis, and Mace Windu needed every able bodied Jedi to join a task force to rescue him. Kolar was gone as quickly as he came, and Socal exchanged an annoyed glance with Nick, the only other person in the room taking the same exam. "What is that about? I was captured and held prisoner for three months on Ord Mantell, and no one came to rescue me, let alone a flippin' task force!"

Nick nodded a moment, equally annoyed, but then asked, "Hey, didn't Pablo Jill bring peace to Ord Mantell a few years ago?"

"Yeah. So? ...shut up."

Socal dropped his pencil, snapped his lightsaber back onto his belt, and headed to the hangar bay where the task force was staging.

A few short hours later, he found himself slicing through Battle Droid after Battle Droid, and actually enjoying every moment of it. He spotted Agen Kolar, who was jumping around, kicking and such like a fool. Why exert that much effort? These guys were easy to take out. Kolar spotted Socal as well, and yelled, "Hey, you survive this, and consider yourself passed on the Master exam!"

Socal was beaming, especially when he spotted Aayla nearby. She'd heard too. And she gave Socal a smile he could feel in his hip pocket. That's when the Acklay split him in two with one of its claws.

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