This logo was ridiculous on several levels. The only positive thing that fans, players, and owners could say about it is that it wasn't racist.

The Sluis Van Curly Horned Gundarks were a JFL team from Sluis Van.


Sluis Van's prosperous ship-building industry made them an ideal location for a team. The team was called the Gundarks because that was a creature that the owners had heard of. It became clear, however, that they had never seen one when they insisted on making the name the Curly Horned Gundarks. Gundarks don't have curly horns. They don't have horns at all. They just have big ears, which are not curly. Their name alone made them the laughingstock of the league.

A gundark. No horns.

Players were embarassed to play there, and fans were embarassed to wear anything with the team name or (anatomically incorrect) logo. Things turned around for the team when they got good for a little while. Rather than defending their name, they started mocking it, which ruined the fun for everyone else mocking it.

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