Carkoon pit

Almooooost there....

When Luke Skywalker had the audacity to saunter into Jabba's Palace and threaten the Hutt into giving up Han Solo and his friends, Jabba of course tossed the whelp into his famed Rancor pit. When Luke killed the Rancor, it was time to quit messing around and dunk that punk in a big toothy mouth in the middle of the desert to be digested for longer than he could possibly live.

One battle, so you only need one lightsaber.

But then Luke, who really did the bare minimum as far as preperation and setup goes, busted out a new lightsaber and started hacking through Jabba's minions like tissue paper. No one saw it coming, except possibly the bounty hunter Boba Fett. And he was a little too desperate to prove he could kill Jedi as well as his father that he was taken out quickly by a blind man. In the end, the guys Luke couldn't hack and slash through were still mostly killed by the explosion when he blew the sail barge up. There was little left for Jawas and other scavengers to pick through. And Skywalker had certainly made a statement at this battlefield.

Boba Fett, possibly the biggest name swallowed that day.

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