Skako had a crazy atmosphere that made it a pain in the ass at best to visit.

Skako was one of the Core Worlds, and had a much denser atmosphere than most other habitable planets. Skakoans came from there, and had to wear protective suits when leaving.


Skako had lots of cities and stuff, but since very few non-Skakoans could visit them without dying, they were kind of boring. Despite its issues, Skako was an economic powerhouse, and an important part of the Techno Union. Skakoan imports were common throughout the Galaxy, and they were known as generally reliable and affordable. This was largely due to the famous Skakoan work ethic, and the importance placed on quality and reputation. As part of the Techno Union, Skako joined the CIS. The Republic never bothered attacking Skako because it would have been really difficult and expensive to keep the clones alive long enough to fight there. After the Clone Wars, the Empire decided to start persecuting Skakoans, but they mostly just went back to Skako where, again, it wasn't worth pursuing them. Instead heavy export taxes were put into place, crippling Skako's economy, and allowing more Imperial-friendly businesses to pick up the slack. After the Empire fell, nobody bothered telling Skako.

Notable Residents

Wat Tambor was from Skako.

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