Simon greyshade

Simon Greysahde offers you a glass of finely-aged Roofie Colada

But they won't say no. Because of the implication

–Simon Greyshade discussing his Space Yacht with Bail Organa

Simon Greyshade was Senator and casino owner.  If Lando had been an old white guy, he would have been Simon Greyshade.

Senate Career Edit

Greyshade was elected to represent the Vorzyd Sector in the Senate.  As a member of a weathy political family, he was mostly elected on reputation.  He had little formal education, and spent most of his time cruising around on his yacht picking up chicks.  After arriving on Coruscant, he pretty much did the same thing.  Greyshade's record indicates that he was one of the most corrupt senators in the history of the Galaxy.  He used his position to gain wealth, women, and anything else he might want.  He did successfully rewrite Galactic gambling regulations- mostly because he really liked gambling, and didn't like having to go all the way to the Outer Rim, or having to rub elbows with the unwashed masses to do it.  Greyshade remained neutral during the Clone Wars, because he saw it as a way to curry favors from both sides. 

After the Clone Wars ended and the Emperor brought about the New Order, Greyshade found that he was less able to make personal gains from the Senate.  He briefly considered going straight and using his position for the greater good, but that didn't seem that interesting.  He mostly stayed in the Senate because it gave him access to a constant stream of young female senators and aides.  One Senator that caught his eye was Leia Organa, or Alderaan, but she shot down his many advances.  Frustrated, he retired from the Senate.

Gamblor Edit

Greyshade had used some of his vast resources to build a giant space casino.  When he retired, he took direct control over it.  Since his gambling regualtions were still in effect, he knew which loopholes to use, and which Imperial offices he needed to bribe.  By building the casino in orbit around an unihabited planet in the Mid Rim, he was able to avoid a great deal taxes.  His bribes also made the casino a kind of sanctuary for wante criminals and Imperial fugitives.  As long as they had money to gamble and didn't cause any problems, Greyshade let them stay.  He had a full security force that was charged with kicking out deadbeats, and maintaining order.

Now a Rebel, Leia Organa once showed up at his casino with some friends.  Seeing an opportunity to nail her, he tried to make a deal to keep her there and turn over her friends to the Imperials, but, not surprisingly, his scheme was foiled.  Since he now had to deal with an Imperial presence, he let the Rebels take his yacht and flee.  He died shorlty after in an explosion which also killed the Imperial commander.
Space yacht

Simon Greyshade knows how to travel.

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