When Shimia was discovered by the Republic, it became a leading importer of pants, slacks, and trousers.

Shimia was an Outer Rim world, and home to the Pacithhip and the Hamadryas species.


Shimia was one of the rare planets to have more than one native sentient species. On Shimia, archaeologists claim that there is evidence that the Hamadryas were originally the dominant species. The Pacithhips deny this, claiming that they have written accounts of their history that prove that they were dominant long before the Hamadryas emerged from the seas. There is agreement that, at some point, there was a lenghty civil war, which was won by the Pacithhip. From that point on, the Hamadryas were relegated to the lowest caste of Shimia's complex caste system. Many of both species left the planet to escape this restrictive social order.

Notable Residents

That douchebag Ketwol was from Shimia, as was failed actor Cebann Veekan.

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