Sgt. Zedburger bustin' his ass on a Dewback, which makes him want to change lanes without looking.

Ray signed up for the Imperial army as soon as he was able. He LOVED being a Stormtrooper. He even loved being assigned to Tatooine as a Sandtrooper. He loved blasting Jawas, elderly people, you name it! And what's more, when he was assigned to take a female Rebel agent into custody, he got some that night! Then they ran away together, and he got some every night. This job kicks ass! RUMSFELD!

Ray was assigned to the Dewback Patrol that accompanied the Sandtrooper Squads sent to Tatooine in finding the missing Death Star plans. When the squads split up, DP accompanied Zeta Squad to disable the Sandcrawler that had apparently captured the Droids they were looking for, and then interrogate the Jawas on the Droids' whereabouts. Ray then took half of Dewback Patrol back to Mos_Eisley. Letting the others rest up, he took his Dewback to the Cantina and met up with Alvien troopers Davin_Felth and Menard Hourly. They were about to check on a lightsaber complaint, when Ray saw some hot chicks across the street and felt that was more of a priority.

When all was said and done, one of his patrol had been murdered by some crazed veteran, another by a raged filled farmer, and the rest safely resting in the Garrison Base. Ray and his patrol stayed stationed on Tatooine as Dewbacks bond for life, and they don't survive long offworld. Later, Ray and his men arrested Gilda Cohen, who was suspected of being a Rebel agent. She seduced Ray and the two snuck offworld together.

Ray Zedburger Outside1

It looks like Sgt. Ray has spotted the Droids, but he's actually eyeing the Twi'Lek chicks standing behind C-3PO.