Sephjet was a Jedi Knight who never took a Padawan learner. He was mostly paired with Nicanus Tassu, who likewise never took an apprentice. The two quickly became inseperable, and recognized as one of the most efficient duos the Jedi Order had ever seen. Then came their mission to Montana, which, I mean, we all know what happened there. Sephjet knew that Jedi were not meant to form attachments. And besides that, Jedi REALLY weren't meant to do what they did on Montana. Despite Tassu's words to the contrary, Josall knew what they'd done was wrong. Nicanas felt it had brought them closer, but Sephjet grew only more distant, until he insisted that Mace Windu send him on missions alone.

Then came the Battle of Geonosis, where Sephjet volunteered for Mace Windu's task force to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi. He fought his way to the center of the arena, where Anakin Skywalker was unarmed, and tossed the young Jedi his extra Lightsaber just as Tassu tossed his extra one to Kenobi. His eyes met Tassu's, and all those feelings came flooding back. They fought their way to an supply closet outside of the arena to have some alone time, before Yoda's gunships descended to rescue who was left of the task force. As the pair ran to escape, Josall was shot dead by some Battle Droids.

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