Sembla doesn't understand why the other planets can't all just get along.

Sembla was a planet in the Outer Rim, and home to the Vurk species.


The Vurks of Sembla were nomads. Few permanent settlements were found there, and they had a very loose understanding of property rights. This suggested to off-worlders that they were primitives, but they were actually just hippies. Various offworld interests mined the planet's oceans for valuable natural resources, and the Vurk didn't seem to mind or notice. Though they were almost always peaceful amongst themselves, when pressed, the Vurk's showed a surprising ferocity when defending themselves or their planet. Even so, they tended to stay out of the Galaxy-wide conflicts that cropped up every few years.

Notable Residents

Jedi Coleman Trebor was from Sembla, as was Senator Sweitt Concorkill.

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