Seek was born around ORC 25,011. He only slightly older than Anakin Skywalker, but was the local bully in Mos Espa. He and his friends Amee and Melee would tease Anakin about what ever they could. One time Seek pantsed young Anakin, and the trio made fun of him for months about his weenis.

When Anakin left, Seek's bullying focused more on Kitster Banai, but it wasn't as malicious as before. After a few more years, Seek saw Amee and Melee differently and was successful in arranging a threeway with the two young ladies.

After the trio reached adulthood, Melee left Tatooine, and Amee lost interest in hanging out with Seek altogether. She later admitted that she'd had a major crush on Skywalker for many years.

In ORC 25,040 (or ISC 6) Seek moved to Mos Eisley, befriending a woman named Carol Sweatervest. After six months of courting, he asked her to marry him. The two settled out at the edge of the Dune Sea and built a Moisture Farm. They were married only five years before Tuskens kidnapped Seek and had their horrible, spiked way with him. To death.

Carol soon remarried, to Miles O'Keeffe. He was able to give her the child Seek was never man enough to provide.

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