Sebulba was a Dug from the planet Malastare. He was originally a slave, and forced to act in adult films. Though he was extremely popular on his homeworld, what he truly wanted to do with his life was Podracing.

When his manager, Chockie Felch, finally let Sebulba race, it was the greatest feeling he'd ever known. And in a very short period, Sebulba won enough from his races to buy his freedom. To escape his adult film past though, Sebulba had to travel all the way to Tatooine, the furthest planet from his home that also had a race track.

There he developed a rivalry with young Anakin Skywalker. Like he used to be, Skywalker was a slave. The difference though was that Anakin was not involved in the adult industry in any way. Sebulba had no respect for a slave like that, and constantly harassed the boy.

In the Boonta Eve Classic in Mos Espa, Sebulba did his best but was beaten by the boy. Then Anakin split with the old bearded jerk, and Sebulba never saw him again.
800px-Owen Luke

Right back atcha!

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