Sariss was one of Jerec's Dark Jedi who helped him find the Valley Of The Jedi

Sariss was a noted Cougar, seducing younger men with the Dark Side, and other ways. She would usually play the faux-lack of self esteem card, prompting the less experienced young men to compliment her. This led to physical explorations, and usually twisted Dark Side lessons.

Her final student and lover was Yun, who ultimately turned on her when she tried to kill a defenseless Kyle Katarn. After murdering her pupil, she was in turn killed by Katarn, now weilding Yun's Lightsaber. She died on Ruusan.


A lot of people confuse Sariss with the Prophetess on Tatooine. It's silly to do so, since they look nothing alike! Idiot.

The Prophetess on Tatooine. Yep, looks just like Sariss, right?

Sariss's lightsaber had a blue blade.

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