Sandtroopers were specialized Imperial Stormtroopers with gear meant for sandy environments. Okay, not really. They were just Stormtroopers with extra stuff on them. They were the elite though, with a nifty backpack that may or may not have had an air conditioner in it, and big fancy rifles. They also had pauldrons with different colors, yay!

Sandtroopers were incredibly precise shots. They could hit a moving target with no problem, as long as it was as big as a Sandcrawler. They also could shoot the skin off an elderly couple, but did have trouble hitting smugglers who shot back.

800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars tells squad of Sandtroopers to get the hell off his property.

Sandtroopers often rode on Dewbacks, as it was fun to bump your butt in the saddle. Sometimes they would ride in Imperial Troop Transports, which was more fun because you could listen to music. They also often used Imperial Sentry Droids.

Three Squads were sent to Mos Eisley in search of the stolen Death Star plans, and one Dewback Patrol.

When the mission was over, they had failed. Zeta Squad, one member of Drax Squad, and half of Dewback Patrol were killed. The Droids escaped and helped use the stolen plans to destroy the Death Star, killing countless lives.

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