Ryloth helmet

The Sexpot logo became iconic and was occasionally used for other purposes.

The Ryloth Sexpots were a JFL team made up of very sexy scantily clad women.  They played on Ryloth.


The Sexpots were only in the JFL for a few years back around the 11560's.  They were very popular among teenage boys and fat losers who lived with their parents. They won their only championship in the strike-shortened 11568-11569 season.  They were able to take advantage of the fact that the JFL Ballboy Strike did not bother them, as they did not need their balls massaged or cared for in any way.  While other teams were traumatized, the Sexpots destroyed the competition. 


Ryloth player

Yeah. I can see how that might be distracting.

The next year, female JFL teams were banned, and the Sexpots were disbanded. Ryloth protested the move, but the league contended that female players were too distracting. Feminists around the Galaxy were conflicted. Banning women from the league was a major blow, but, on the other hand, the team was based entirely on exploitation and presenting women as sex objects.

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