Rycar was born on Corellia, but grew up on the Bimm homeworld of Bimmisaari. There, he fathered a son with a young woman from eastern Bimmsaari, but she passed away when his son, Rayc, was very young. The two moved to Mos Eisley on Tatooine, where Rycar hung out frequently in the Cantina. Day or night, you could find him there claiming to be an incredible pilot and charging a modest fee to train YOU to become a pilot too!

His only actual student was R'kik D'nec, a Jawa who winded up using his crappy pilot skills as a smuggler. R'kik even hired Rycar's son Rayc to help him, but the two ended up at Jabba's Palace and were killed by Luke Skywalker. When this news reached Rycar, he drank even harder.

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